Knife Sharpener Equipment, and Knowledge for Knife Lovers!

     If you're interested in learning how to care for your favorite edge, then we can help you in your journey learning the process of sharpening knives. If fact we call it "Knife Therapy." We have all the knowledge you need to get started as well as some of the most "cutting edge" knife sharpeners and equipment on the market today. Plus with our concierge program you can get even more help with your issues! Never feel alone again when it comes to getting real results!

What's Every Knife Lovers #1 Rule?

We’ve had a bad tool or two, and can tell you from personal experience that it can be incredibly painful. 

Dull knives lead to forcing the blade which can do even more damage, to you and your tools. When we looked in the market for the best ways to sharpen our tools what we found was just the same old dangerous ideas.

Sharpening Irons can work, but dragging a knife down toward your hand feels like it would make your mama anxious. Plus most people do more damage than good with them due to lack of training. Regular whetstones can be better, but the amount of time it takes dragging the blade back and forth takes forever!

There had to be a better way!
That’s why we developed It’s Just Sharp! We’re here for knife lovers everywhere. To bring you the best knife sharpeners and equipment you need to master any kitchen and avoid breaking rule #1! We have the systems that deliver a perfectly sharp knife, quickly AND safely!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the best knife sharpener? 

A: We believe that the best sharpening tools are the ones you'll use! We love sharpening systems that allow you to enjoy what we call "Knife Therapy." If you love your knives then you'll love caring for them. With a simple bit of knowledge you too can master the skills needed!

Q: What kind of things can I sharpen with whetstone systems?

A: You can sharpen all sorts of things! We've sharpened pocket knives, Culinary knives, chisels, scissors, multi-tools and more! With Its Just Sharp, we can help you care for any dull knife you have!

Q: Can I Get Help Using Sharpening Stones with my dull edge?

A: Of course! With our Concierge program, simply send us what problems you're seeing and what you're using and we'll have our concierge team look to see what advice we can give you to help!

Q: Can I really get my entire knife's edge to razor sharp blade?

A: Yes! Using our sharpening method and the right sharpening stones anyone can get razors edge results, no electric sharpener required! Trust us, your chef's knives wont know what hit them and your cutting board will thank you!

Q: Can I sharpen serrated knives?

A: Serrated edges can be a lot more in depth to sharpen. It is possible to sharpen any kind of knife with the right tools. For serrated blades require a special kind of file that fits into the individual serrates that allow for the edge to bite through material. If you have the serrate sharpening tool, you can use your knife sharpener to help you get all your knives sharp!

Have No Fear! When It Comes To Knife Care, We've Got Your Back!

Praise For Its Just Sharp!

Cameron H.

"I dont usually buy of Facebook, but this really surprised me! This sharpener has such a unique thing with it. It's entertaining to use, works very good and in a weird way it's like you say: Knife therapy. Both for me and the knifes haha. Very happy. cheers!"

Earnst P.

"Wow I'm in love. I have been getting WAY better results than I thought, these are RAZOR SHARP. It's almost scary. The sharpening process is fun and satisfying as well! Just order a new pair of better stones and I'm very excited."

Warren W.

"I was viewing a YouTube video by Survival Lilly and she was demonstrating the It's Just Sharp knife sharpener.... It was intuitive to put together and in no time I was sharpening.... I had been using a different sharpener for years but when I used the It's Just Sharpener I was amazed at how easy and also how quickly I was able to sharpen the knives. I have never had them as sharp using my old sharpener.... After I sharpened the kitchen knives I brought out a number of my other knives. I like to collect knives. Everything from bushcraft to carving knives and everything in between. So I have a lot to maintain. I no longer dread sharpening. In fact I will be going through my entire collection."

Caitlin M.

"I got my husband one of these after he graduated culinary school and he absolutely loves it! He loves "knife therapy time" for his chefs knives, while I get all my crafting scissors and cutters sharpened. WIN, WIN!"