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When you need it most is the wrong time to wonder if you have the right knife. So to help we created a free guide that goes over our top fixed and folding knives!

  • What’s the best knife for EDC?

    If you’re one of the no count millions worldwide who keeps a trusty pocket knife on you at seemingly all times, then you probably know all about the world of EDC (Everyday carry.) With so many of them on the market it can seem daunting if you’re brand new to the everyday carry world. Perhaps… Read more

  • What We Look For In Rescue knives and Included Rescue tools

    What We Look For In Rescue knives and Included Rescue tools

    There is no one size fits all… We know that there’s no one size fits all for any given situation, and with knives in emergency situations the pattern holds true. When we think of knives outside of a culinary setting for the vast majority of people they fall into one of three categories: every day… Read more

  • An Interview With A Forge: BB Forge!

    An Interview With A Forge: BB Forge!

    Ever wonder what master knife makers considers when they make knives? We took a moment to talk to BB Forge who gave us some insight you might not have considered. Read more

  • What is the Rockwell Hardness Scale?

    What is the Rockwell Hardness Scale?

    Want to know how to care for your knives and tools? Learn all about the Rockwell Hardness scale and understand the numbers on your knife’s packaging. Read more

  • The Best Chef’s Knives in 2023

    It’s Just Sharp was started to serve new cooks, pro chefs and aspiring home culinary experimenters of all kinds. Nowadays we’ve moved out to knife lovers of all kinds, however we still remember how it all started years ago, caring for the humble chef’s knife. We sat down with out culinary ambassador and head of… Read more

  • Can You Sharpen A Serrated Knife?

    Can you sharpen a serrated knife? Of course you can, with a little knowledge and the proper tools you can make them last a lifetime! Read more

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