What’s the best knife for EDC?

If you’re one of the no count millions worldwide who keeps a trusty pocket knife on you at seemingly all times, then you probably know all about the world of EDC (Everyday carry.)

With so many of them on the market it can seem daunting if you’re brand new to the everyday carry world. Perhaps you’re used to carrying one but looking to pick up a new one. No matter where you are in this vast scape, we’re here to help you find you new favorite EDC knives.

Is an EDC knife for me?

We may be bias (we probably are), but we believe there’s an EDC knife out there for almost everybody. Why you may ask? Mainly because there’s so many different kinds of knives and uses.

Even a morning drive through coffee (you know the one we’re talking about) can be made better in its disposable. cup. Simply (and safely) make a small cut right where the plastic lid is supposed to have a breathing hole, boom now you don’t have to drink coffee like a milkshake, you can thank us later (be careful and don’t get burned or cut yourself.)

So EDC knives are no longer just for hunters and construction workers which is what gives us the confidence to dive into todays topic.

So what’s the best pocket knife for me?

We’re not going to try and dance around the fact that it’s a truly hard thing to pick just one for everyone, so we’re not going to. However, as is the Its Just Sharp! way were going to walk you through a process that might be able to help the buyers remorse from purchasing a spear point blade when what you really needed was a Swiss Army knife, Deal?

To get the process rolling we’re going to look at four distinct considerations we would walk you through if you messaged our concierge team looking for help.

  • Uses: Are you using it for occasional letter opening or for construction tasks?

  • Style: Fixed blade vs folding knife

  • Knife number: Single or Multi blade

  • Handles.

Before we get into that, it’s worth mentioning that in any knife we recommend finding one that has an appropriate blade length, hard enough blade steel, and pocket clip for your hand. Also for any folding knife we recommend trying out the thumb stud and opening action to make sure the movement feels natural. Also make sure to check your local laws to ensure you purchase something that’s legal for your area.

ok, and now back to the list…

Always start with what you’re using it for!

In the EDC knife space there’s a tool for every job. In the same way you wouldn’t us a ban saw to open a package of crackers, it can be easy to go overboard. By and large, most people find that simple pocket knives can handle most tasks on the day to day.

If you’re mainly performing office tasks or find yourself constantly searching for a pair of scissors to get into packaging then we’d recommend looking for something with a smaller blade length. Many of the traditional pocket knife makers have this kind of model, try looking for a lightweight pocket knife.

For those of you who spend much of their time hard at work on factories or out in the field then you probably know that your conditions require something with a much harder steel blade and will likely need more knife sharpening as edge retention will be more difficult. (If this is you, you know we’ve got you covered!) We’d recommend looking for something that is more like a fixed blade knife or that has a thicker blade.

Fixed Vs Folding knives.

This is a debate that we see all too often in various EDC communities across the internet and at local hardware stores everywhere. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks that makes it better for everyday carry.

Fixed blade:

The O-G of the knife world. If you need a knife that can stand up to constant abuse day after day, then a fixed blade knife is probably a solid choice. Decidedly the go to cutting tool for survivalists, bush crafters, and ranchers all across the world, if you choose one of these then the biggest things to keep in mind is:

  1. Is this knife legal for my area?

  2. Does it come with a sheath that I feel comfortable with?

  3. Am I comfortable with the heavier weight?

Folding blade:

Folding blades take up the vast majority of EDC knives and for good reason. Easily sliding in your pocket and the flow chart of knife makers looks a lot like the flow chart of car manufacturers.

If you look at most if not all lists of best pocket knives, they will be dominated by folding blade knives. They’re practical for most, come in harder blade steel, and and extremely customizable in handles. Plus if you’re looking for a lightweight EDC knife then your search should start with folders! Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Is the clip in the right spot or is it a reversible pocket clip?

  2. How do I feel about the locking mechanism? Does a frame lock make me nervous?

  3. How easy does the blade open? Can I adjust it? Do I want some resistance opening or butter smooth blade deployment?

Single blade vs Multi-Blade/Tool

Ok, this point is going to be similar to the first point with a bit of a twist on it. Just as with determining what kind of use your everyday carry is mainly going to have to stand up to, it’s worth thinking on what other situations it may end up on your hip for.


These have been making somewhat of a comeback recently, and not just with Home Inspectors and mechanics. Why? Don’t feel like carrying an entire toolbox around with you? A multi-tool may be a great alternative. Some even have a ratchet and bits built in, along with 3 knives, a wine opener, pliers, and a way to open tin cans. There’s a lot to like. However they usually have smaller and thinner blades and lack a high degree or wear resistance.

Single Blade:

If multi-tools aren’t for you and you want a lightweight pocket knife, then single blades are probably for you with one or two exceptions. If you’re the kind of person that likes to customize your look then single blade knives will get bonus points.

They come in a vast array of blade length s all which keep a razor sharpness. As a bonus you can get different kind of blade tips from a drop point blade shape, to clip point blade, and liner lock to frame lock. Finding the right one for you really comes down to heading to your local store and playing with different actions and handle grips, but more on that it a minute.


Now for the one or two exceptions. If you don’t want extra tools on your knife but have other needs then a multi-blade knife could fit your needs. Some come with 2 or three knives inside the same handle. In our opinion some of the older style knives fit here, as well as rescue knives. Many of these are a relatively compact knife, and work well as an everyday carry knife for those with special requirements.

Note: any good folding knife should have a great locking blade. If the locking system doesn’t work well then we do not recommend using them. It doesn’t matter if its tactical knives, a manual knife or automatic knives. If is a poorly locking knife, it might as well be a dull knife and be replaced.


We saved probably the most personal part for last. The best edc knife for you will likely be determined by who makes the handle that fits the best in your hand. In fact, handles are so important that it was a key aspect during our interview with BB-Forge!

Making sure that your pocket carry is something comfortable and that the knife handle is right for your hand should be a major consideration. Why do I say this? Mainly because of the extra knives in the closet that hardly ever get used which all have handle problems.

Some come with a stainless steel handle, plastic or even carbon fiber. You won’t know which is the right one for you until you try it out.

One other thing, blade steel.

In another article we went much deeper into blade steel. Making sure any edc knife you end up with was made with the right metal is absolutely crucial. Getting it right is the difference between a good pocket knife, and a family heirloom knife. That’s why we devoted an entire article to it. You can read it here.

So after all that, here’s our EDC pocket knives checklist.

  • Will this meet my needs in use?

  • Fixed or folding blade?

  • How many blades do I need?

  • Do I like the handle?

  • Is the steel within the Rockwell hardness scale I need for edge retention?

  • Is the locking mechanism the right one for me?

EDC gear

We hope that this has helped you figure out your path through all the knives available for everyday carry lovers. We keep an eye on updates and if so know we’ll pass it on to you, our knife community. Have other considerations we missed? let us know at Support@itsjustsharp.com!

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