What Is The Best Knife Sharpener For Beginner Survivalists?

If you’re getting started in the world of survival and survivalism, no doubt you’ve found that there is a plethora of gear, and all of it expensive. From knives, to tents, bags and more there seems to be no end to amazing gear to spend your money on.

The problem is, that price tag adds on a couple thousand dollars faster than you can say parachute cord… We know because we’ve been there too, staring down a 5 digit price tag for gear we aspire to own.

So how is an aspiring survivalist supposed to get started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there! We may be bias, but we’re of the opinion that the most important item in any survival situation is a sharp knife blade. With the right knife a trained survivalist can accomplish crafting a full base camp in mere hours with nothing else but their knife!

What is the best knife sharpener for beginner survivalists?
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Pocket knife

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When you need it most is the wrong time to wonder if you have the right knife. So to help we created a free guide that goes over our top fixed and folding knives!

Ok, so let’s assume you’ve picked out your new favorite survival knife. Congrats!

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but after your first trip out to camp you’re going to quickly notice how dull your new favorite blade’s edge has become. Now what are you to do? If you spent your full budget on a knife, don’t worry we’ll help you get that dull knife back to a razors edge!

What is the best knife sharpener for beginner survivalists?
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So what’s the best beginner knife sharpeners for survivalists?

There are a ton of options on the market to help you get your dull knife sharp. You could choose a manual or electric sharpener however we have one that we always recommend for any beginner.

When we speak with survivalists, we know that your biggest requirements are that its:

  1. Helps you quickly get the right angle accurately each time to get your knives sharp!

  2. Easy to set up.

  3. Easy to operate.

  4. Doesn’t cost a fortune!

So we began to scour the vast array of knife sharpeners to find the one that would work best.

What is the best knife sharpener for beginner survivalists?
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We had some other requirements to classify one as the best sharpener for knives of survivalists.

In our minds, any knife sharpener had to live up to a higher standard to be able to touch our knife blades and for us to be able to recommend them. It had to be more than just a single grit whetstone, and it had to do more than just help in sharpening pocket knives.

We wanted to make sure that it also:

  • Could sharpen knives large and small.

  • Included some basic methodology!

  • Be light enough to take with you.

  • Didn’t take off too much metal

Ok, an easy to set up and operate system that can handle all kinds of knives that doesn’t cost a fortune with some mythology to help you get started. That might seem like a lot to ask for, but fear not.

Meet the Ruixin Professional knife sharpener, the best knife sharpeners for beginning survivalists

When we looked across the array of knife sharpeners for beginners to help the get the most bang for their buck, this system jumped right out to us. No matter if you’re trying to get your pocket knife, hunting knife, scissor blades, or a chef’s knife, back to a razor edge, the Ruixin Pro is the best place to start.


For starters, we looked for a manual knife sharpener.

Both manual and electric sharpeners have their merits, however we looked for manual both due to price considerations and with a manual sharpener you’ll have the ability to take it into the field with you if you so choose.

There’s nothing like the ability to sharpen your knives at camp, with your system attached to potentially a truck tailgate, or a work table. We’ve tested the system clamped to a picnic table as well as at a hunting camp.

Next we looked at the ease of set up and use.

With Ruixin Pro there are only a few moving parts to be concerned about in getting razor sharp edge results. With this system there are only three main part areas.

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The clamp system, the uprights, and the stone set. The clamp tightens by hand, you then twist in the rods and stone holder and insert the stones you need. At that point you’ll be able to insert your knife into the clamp so it holds it for you, and set the sharpening angle for the sharpening stone. Just like that you’re ready to go!


If you purchase the Ruixin Pro system here at itsjustsharp.com we give you our CUSH-P methodology checklist as well as our Sharp Academy-Ruixin Pro so we’ve lowered the learning curve as much as possible! Learn the sharpening process from the pros!

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Finally it couldn’t break the bank!

If you got the best knife you could for survival then there’s a good chance that you’re not looking to spend an equal amount on the sharpener for your knife…

So another point here for going with a manual knife sharpener for your blade edge over an electric sharpener. Luckily Ruixin Pro is the best at maximizing each dollar you spend on a getting a sharp knife!

Any other considerations? (Bonus!)

One last consideration we looked at, and that’s the sharpening stones. If you spend a lot of time working on getting perfectly sharp edges, you’ll know that the stones make all the difference.

In knife sharpening having a range of stones to use is a massive help! As we said in “Sharpening Vs Honing” the various grits of stones perform different tasks, much like sandpaper does.

A sharpening stone that’s a low grit acts as a course sharpener. These allow you to be more aggressive if needed to remove material if you were to have a chipped edge. On the other hand a high grit acts as a fine sharpener which is for getting to a fine edge. So to go from a dull blade to a sharp blade you’ll need a range of stones.

The Ruixin Pro comes with 4 stones of varying grit right out of the package, so you’re ready to go on your own knives immediately! In addition Itsjustsharp.com/shop carries a variety of stone kits as well as a strop kit so that you can seamlessly sharpen and hone your knives in one session!

Ready to meet the Ruixin Pro and start your journey?

Grab your knife sharpener today and take your first step in always being on the cutting edge!

Get the Ruixin Pro!

We’ll see you on the other side!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered the best knife sharpener?

We consider the best knife sharpeners to be ones that area able to achieve the right angle for the right knife edge and one you feel comfortable using regularly. The best knife sharpeners are simply the one’s you’ll actually use!

What is the best thing to sharpen knives?

When it comes to sharpening knives we highly recommend using either a whetstone or an oil stone on your path to a sharp edge. These have been used for ages to in knife sharpening and repairing dull knives.

We have a full explanation in our article: “Knife Sharpening For Beginners, A Comprehensive Guide.”

Do pull through sharpeners work?

Pull through knife sharpeners can work on your dull knives, but only if you have the right angle. If you’re looking for the best knife sharpeners then we recommend something that you can change the angle depending on the knife.

Can I use a knife sharpener to sharpen scissors?

Yes, actually we’ve spent a considerable amount of time showing ways where you can sharpen scissors using knife sharpeners. Sharpening scissors is similar to a knife blade, but requires a little extra process and understanding to get right!

What is the best knife sharpener for beginner survivalists?

Read: How to Sharpen Scissors at Home!

Do electric knife sharpeners work well?

There are some people who like an electric knife sharpener. For survivalists who could be relying on sharp knives, We think it’s better to stick with something that doesn’t require power. This way you can be sharpening knives at camp without power!

What about serrated blades?

Serrated knives require special tools to get sharp. Most survival knives won’t include serrated edges for this reason. Some do have a saw on the spine of the knife. If you’re interested in serrated knives feel free to check out our article: Can You Sharpen A Serrated Knife?

Still Needing Some Help?

Don’t forget you can always reach out to the Sharp Concierge to help you get the exact right knife sharpening system for your situation. Our team is ready to help you! Visit the Sharp Concierge Program Here! Plus remember that if you purchase a sharpening system through Itsjustsharp.com, you receive complementary VIP concierge upgrades for an entire year! Talk about being moved to the head of the line!

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