What Is A Bow Knife?

Here at ItsJustSharp.com we like to think that we know all about knives. However a picture of one of these came across our desk we had to share with you. Welcome to the bow knife.

Thanks to Smoky Mountain Bow Knife for their help! 


What is a Fiddle Bow Bread Knife?

A bow knife is a kind of bread knife that works similar to that of a hacksaw or a ban saw. Wood is formed to create the “fiddle bow” of the knife and a serrated blade is installed under tension across the wood similar to that of a bow string. While we doubt that it could be used in place of an original fiddle, we are sure that its design is music to our ears.

While a normal bread knife is fantastic, the fiddle bow bread knife has a unique advantage due to its thin blade. As you view the knife from the top down you are able to more easily keep uniform slices as you cut on your cutting board.

What is a fiddle bow knife used for?

This kind of knife is particularly suited for any kind of task requiring even slices. Due to the tension on the blade, it should be able to cut through bread, cheese, a large tomato and bagels if used with care.

Due to the width of the knife and the design of a fiddle bow bread knife you are able to see through a “window” that allows you to better guide your cuts. If you’re looking for uniform slices this truly is a cooks best friend.

Thanks to Smoky Mountain Bow Knife for their help! 


The Blade.

This class of knife is one that will require very little upkeep or need care instructions. The ones we found have sharp serrated blades which do not require a large amount of sharpening or honing when used correctly. We have seen some companies stating that their blades can last over 15 years!

That said with how the knife is designed the blade should slice through a very large variety of foods, especially breads and fruits without pits.

Due to how the blade is seated on the knife itself at this point we do not recommend changing the blade of the knife yourself. Instead we would recommend finding a shop that could help you change the blade, especially if you see rust.

Not all blades are made from stainless steel so we do recommend buying one that has a quality blade that will stand up to the lifetime or slicing it can do!

The Handle.

Now for the fun part, especially for any of you carpenters out there who have no doubt been trying to figure out if you could make one.

From what we found these kinds of knives are largely made of woods like black walnut, cherry, or some of the other fruit trees. This gives them an incredible look and shine in the light once the wood has been cut and formed.

Most of the maintenance for this kind of knife will probably be up keeping the handle. Drying the knife after being rinsed off and preventing any splinters from forming. As with any knife, we always recommend using caution when cleaning and storing your knives!

Thanks to Smoky Mountain Bow Knife for their help! 


So is the Fiddle bow bread knife on your list to check out?

We know its on our list to find! During our research we couldn’t find them at a major retailer so finding one to purchase seems limited to little custom makers! If we find one we’ll let you know!

Also if you have any experience with a fiddle bow bread knife please write to us and let us know what you think, and if it really does slice through the competition!

Our Thanks to Smoky Mountain Bow Knife for allowing to use their photos.

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