Wanting to take care of your knives, tools, scissors and more but feel intimidated by whetstones?

Don’t know where to get started in the world of whetstones?

The Ruixin Pro has taught new knife lovers for years the process to keep their blades in top shape in an easy to use package that won’t break the bank. Simply make your purchase of the Ruixin Pro along with any upgrades and we’l get it to you as quick as we can. Set up your system, put your knife in the clamp and tighten the screws. Insert the stones into the sharpening arm and set the angle. Just like that you’re ready to get sharpening. Don’t be like so many who every year are sent to the hospital due to cuts from dull blades, who constantly spend money on new knives when their old ones dull, or waste time trying to cut food and only succeeding in smashing it. Instead enjoy what we call knife therapy. Always have a sharp knife that works as hard as you do and skip the hospital bills! Buy now and get a FREE set of the 4 Essentials Whetstones!

Every one of our Ruixin Pro Sharpeners comes with a FREE set of our 4 Essentials stones so that you can get up and going right out of the box! 120, 320, 600, 1600 Grit Whetstones!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Warren W. (USA)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was viewing a YouTube video by Survival Lilly and she was demonstrating the It's Just Sharp knife sharpener.... It was intuitive to put together and in no time I was sharpening.... I had been using a different sharpener for years but when I used the It's Just Sharpener I was amazed at how easy and also how quickly I was able to sharpen the knives. I have never had them as sharp using my old sharpener.... After I sharpened the kitchen knives I brought out a number of my other knives. I like to collect knives. Everything from bushcraft to carving knives and everything in between. So I have a lot to maintain. I no longer dread sharpening. In fact I will be going through my entire collection.

Cameron H. (AUS)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I dont usually buy of Facebook, but this really surprised me! This sharpener has such an unique thing with it. Its entertaining to use, works very good and in a weird way its like you say: Knife therapy. Both for me and the knifes haha. Very happy. cheers!

Ernst P. (DK)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wow I'm in love. I have been getting WAY better results than I though, these are RAZOR SHARP. It's almost scary. The sharpening process is fun and satisfying as well! Just order a new pair of better stones and I'm very excited.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Every one of our Ruixin Pro Sharpeners comes with a FREE set of our 4 Essentials stones so that you can get up and going right out of the box! 120, 320, 600, 1600 Grit Whetstones!

Looking for accessories?

The Level Up Kit

Looking to Level Up your game? Pick up these and get a 3000, 6000, 8000, and 10000 Grit whetstone kit.

The Golden Elites

Are you Elite? These stones will help get the job done in 1/3 the time! 240, 600, 1000, and 1600 Grit whetstone kit.

The Polished Duo

Finish off your honing session like a pro and manage burrs effortlessly with a simple set of beneficial tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will shipping take?

My order has been at the same
spot for 3 days, why?
Shipping will depend on your shipping choice at checkout.

We do our best to use the best possible shipping carriers. However we cannot predict or estimate time it may take customs officials at any port to process orders and move them along.

Most times delays in shipping are due to customs doing their job, be assured that we are watching orders along their path to you.
Where is my order?You can check in on your order at any point at this link


Please know we track every purchase all the way to delivery and attempt to
speak with carriers to alleviate any issues along the way. We cannot speed up
the carriers or make the process go faster once the order is placed. We only ask
for your patience as the carriers have been extremely busy and we have no control over them.
Why is my order coming from overseas?In order to keep prices low and manageable we may be keeping stock of this
product in an overseas location. We then pass along this cost savings
to you in our product cost.
Where is this product made?China
What's your return process?If you're unhappy with your purchase, send us an email to
Please include your order number and address so that we can verify
your purchase quickly.
We provide refunds for any purchase within 14 days of delivery. We'll
send you a USPS return tag via email and simply take it to the post office.
When the product is returned and processed we will issue a refund the cost
of the equipment to the card or payment method used when purchasing.
I sent you an email on X date,
why didn't you respond the same
We do our best to address every concern of every customer and strive to have the best customer service in the business. Due to volume of orders, we may not be able to respond to you same day. Please know that someone will respond to you as soon as possible and address any issue you may be having.

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