The Sharp Concierge Program

We want you to have success, and that means giving the best service we can. We’ve seen the dangers of dull knives, tools and more, so we’re taking a stand.

The VIP Program.

When you purchase a sharpening system from us you really are a Sharp VIP. Included in our sharpeners is 1 year VIP access.

Priority problem resolution. Send us a picture and description of your problem along with your name and get moved to the top of the list. We have real people behind our concierge program and get how our experts get the job done!

Get 10% off your follow on purchases. Our VIPs get 10% off their follow on purchases from stones, to levels.

Secret Deals. We run special deals only available for our VIP program members. Some deals planned are up to 95% off!

The Standard Program

Even if you didn’t purchase from us, we still might be able to help. Send us a message including what problems you’re having, the kind of knife/tool you’re working with, and what kind of sharpening system you’re working with. Include a picture if possible and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can with how we’d recommend fixing your problem straight from our experts!

Or Send Us An Email: Support@itsjustsharp.com

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