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Ruixin Pro Sharpening System: 65.95 Value

The 4 Essentials Whetstone Kit: 24.99 Value

Sharp VIP Auto-Enrollment: 26.07 Value

Soft Sided Carrying Case: 6.99 Value

Economy Shipping: 29.99 Value

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Lessons learned from camping and culinary school. 

Dear Reader, 

On a rainy afternoon off the bank of a lake in central Alaska I huddled over a set of sticks trying desperately to get a fire going to warm up my family. Trying desperately to get wet wood to light simply because I couldn’t get to the dry wood underneath. 

mendenhall lake in juneau alaska united states

I had graduated from some of the best survival schools the military has and yet I still sat, cold and embarrassed. It wasn’t for lack of skills, airflow, or kindling, it was because I couldn’t light wet wood. 

What I really needed at that point was my knife to peel off the sopping wet bark, split branches, and expose the dry pristine wood underneath. Its all I needed to turn a spark into the warmth I needed to turn this camping weekend into the kind like you see in the movies. 

Years after that long weekend of frustration and disappointment I found myself at a culinary institute. Again I was hoping to gain the skills I needed to be able to put the WOW factor in my culinary creations. 

I pulled out my favorite chefs knife that I was so proud of… and the chef gasped.

When it comes to knife care, all I knew was how to use a pull through system and a honing iron. That left my knife scratched, damaged, and me feeling ashamed… 


Chef pulled me aside and pulled out a small pouch with a contraption inside called a Ruixin Pro. In seconds he had fixed the pieces together and slid my knife into the vice. It seemed almost effortless as he hand threaded the pieces together and then inserted a stone into the arm and began to run it across the knife edge. 

Before I knew it he had brought my knife back to life. It slid effortlessly through anything that came under it. No longer would I be subject to hacking through food, my WOW factor was here to stay! 

Needless to say, the next family dinner I made with that knife was absolutely delicious. 

I purchased one a Ruixin Pro for myself, and set to work sharpening every edge I had in the house. All my chefs knives, chisels, my axe, and even that pesky field knife that gave me trouble on the shore of that lake years ago. 

No matter what kind of edge I found I had a stone for it. I even got a leather insert they had to hone between sharpening and haven’t touched my honing iron since! 

Cameron H.

“I dont usually buy of Facebook, but this really surprised me! This sharpener has such a unique thing with it. It’s entertaining to use, works very good and in a weird way it’s like you say: Knife therapy. Both for me and the knifes haha. Very happy. cheers!”

Ruixin Pro Sharpening System: 65.95 Value

The 4 Essentials Whetstone Kit: 24.99 Value

Sharp VIP Auto-Enrollment: 26.07 Value

Soft Sided Carrying Case: 6.99 Value

Economy Shipping: 29.99 Value

A simple, yet powerful way to achieve pro level results!

No more back pain! When you put your knives in Ruixin Pro its clamped to a table where you can sit comfortably while you achieve incredible results! 

No more guessing if you’re holding the knife at the right angle! When you use Ruixin Pro you set the knife in the vice that holds it level for you. Then simply set the sharpening arm at the right angle for your knife and sharpen away. Plus when you’re done on one side you can flip the entire vice over without having to remove the knife! 

No more spending hundreds on new knives! Keep your knives in top condition for years to come in such condition that you can pass them down to the next generation. 

To make sure you get “Sharp” results we’re giving you 2 BONUSES! We’re going to throw in your first set of sharpening stones for FREE! When you order your system you’ll get a set of our 4 Essentials included! 


We’ll enroll you in our Sharp VIP Program. Our VIP members get 3 huge benefits. 

  1. Priority problem resolution: Having sharpening problems? Get advice directly from our sharpening experts! 
  2. Grab 10% off follow on purchases on new sharpening stones or other accessories!
  3. Exclusive deals, we’ll send you secret members only deals you can’t find anywhere else!

Our Guarantee: Try Ruixin Pro for 60 days and if you don’t love it then we’ll give you a refund. No questions asked, and we’ll even pay the return shipping. 

So If you’re ready to experience guaranteed knife sharpening results, grab your Ruixin Pro today! 


Warren W.

"I was viewing a YouTube video by Survival Lilly and she was demonstrating the It's Just Sharp knife sharpener.... It was intuitive to put together and in no time I was sharpening.... I had been using a different sharpener for years but when I used the It's Just Sharpener I was amazed at how easy and also how quickly I was able to sharpen the knives. I have never had them as sharp using my old sharpener.... After I sharpened the kitchen knives I brought out a number of my other knives. I like to collect knives. Everything from bushcraft to carving knives and everything in between. So I have a lot to maintain. I no longer dread sharpening. In fact I will be going through my entire collection."

Ruixin Pro Sharpening System: 65.95 Value

The 4 Essentials Whetstone Kit: 24.99 Value

Sharp VIP Auto-Enrollment: 26.07 Value

Soft Sided Carrying Case: 6.99 Value

Economy Shipping: 29.99 Value

You Don't Have to Be A Master To Get Results!

Don't Settle For Dull Knives! Get Your Ruixin Pro Today!

Upgrade your knife game powered by Its Just Sharp! Say goodbye to dull knives and frustrating sharpening sessions!

With the Ruixin Pro, you'll get perfectly sharpened blades every time. 

Experience the Ultimate in Knife Sharpening Technology!

  • Ruixin Pro Sharpening System: 65.95 Value
  • The 4 Essentials Whetstone Kit: 24.99 Value
  • Sharp VIP Auto-Enrollment: 26.07 Value
  • Soft Sided Carrying Case: 6.99 Value
  • Economy Shipping: 29.99 Value

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Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: Yes! Our shipping is international from our international warehouse and in most cases arrives in 8-15 days not including any customs delays. We track every order each day on its way to you and work to prevent any delay we can to the maximum extent possible. You can also expedite your shipping in checkout to get your product even faster!

Note: At this time we cannot ship to embargoed countries; Russia, North Korea, Iran, or any other under U.S./International trade law.

Q: Is it difficult to use the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener?

A: No, the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener is easy to use. It comes with a user manual that provides step-by-step instructions in our Sharp Academy: Ruixin pro which is included with the purchase! You'll quickly be able to take any dull knife and make it a sharp knife in minutes!

Q: How do I get the Bonuses?

A: When you make your purchase, you'll receive an email that will have instructions to get you into the academy area where all the bonuses will be available. 

Q: Can the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener sharpen scissors?

A: Yes, the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener can sharpen scissors in addition to folding and fixed blades like kitchen knives! Not only is it capable of sharpening scissors but we show you how in Sharp Academy: Ruixin Pro! 

Q: Does the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener require any maintenance?

A: The Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener is designed to be low-maintenance. Simply use a cleaning cloth to wipe it down after use. Additionally, the sharpening stones are replaceable and can be easily swapped out when they become worn. Plus we carry various stone upgrade kits and strop kits to accompany this system!

Q: How long does it take to sharpen a knife with the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener?

A: The amount of time it takes to sharpen a dull knife such as a kitchen knife or pocket knives with the Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener will depend on the level of dullness of the knife blade. However, on average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to sharpen a knife.

Q: Does carry Diamond Stones for this sharpener?

A: We carry the Golden Elites stones that function similarly to diamond stones without the diamond stone price tag! They are able to take a dull knife to a sharp knife in a fraction of the time!

Q: How do you prepare the Wet stones included with this package?

A: Simply soak them in water for a few minutes prior to inserting them into the professional knife sharpener arm to help lubricate the stones for best performance in getting a sharp knife. Then simply insert your knife into the metal blade fixture and tighten the clamp to start sharpening!

Q: Is it difficult to use the innovative flip fixture structure?

A: Nope! As long as you have your system securely clamped to a sturdy surface you should be able to easily flip over the clamp! This way you can turn your lazy dull knife into a very sharp knife without having to take it out of the clamp!

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