The One Great Knife Myth: Debunked.

If you’re reading this when it releases then welcome to the first week of April, here at Its Just Sharp headquarters we’re still getting plenty of snow. Anywho, you came here looking for sharp info so let’s get to it.

If you haven’t had a chance to go over and look through the last couple of articles covering what we look for in Chef’s knives, Everyday carry tools, and Rescue blades we highly recommend going over there first and checking it out. It will probably help you with what’s to follow as we demystify something that holds many people back from purchasing any edge.

Can you really find one knife to do it all?

After reading this article from one of our friends, Survival Dispatch, we realized they were on to something. We thought it important to take it one step further though. So what was the main point?

There’s no one knife that can do everything, you probably need 3.

In the case of a survivalist what they recommend is a heavy duty chopping blade, a bush crafting knife, and finally just a folding knife. Together they each play a different role.

“Instead of thinking of survival knives as single, all-purpose tools, they should instead be thought of as part of a three-part system:

  • a heavy-duty chopping tool
  • a much smaller, fixed-blade, bushcraft knife
  • a folding hunting knife
Bill Berhneart, Survival Dispatch

If you’re a part of the culinary side of the house, don’t think we forgot about you. We know all about how many knives your knife rolls have. I think our chef ambassadors main knife roll has 6 at all times plus a kitchen full…

folding knife
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So we’re calling this one a Myth!

We don’t know where this idea first started but we’re going to go ahead and just say it, Just one knife to rule them all is a myth. If you find a knife that can do everything, please let us know so we can review it, but much like trying to use a chefs knife to cut a soft loaf of bread we’ve found some squished results.

What kinds of knives should you keep then? Well much like a scalpel isn’t very effective at quickly chopping down a tree its going to largely depend on what you’re using it for!

Here’s some ideas:

Survival/Bushcrafting: Axe type blade, saw type tool, bush crafting fixed blade knife.

Everyday Carry: Folding knife, multi-tool, larger knife in a day bag.

Hiking: Fixed blade, folding knife, pocket saw.

Cuisine: Chef’s knife, bread knife, paring knife.

How to choose.

We think the core thought from the Survival Dispatch article was exactly on point. So we spent time thinking on the possible needs and grouping it into three categories to find a power set of knives that would help in the vast majority of situations.

Like the article? Disagree? Have a topic you want us to discuss? Leave us a message though the Contact Us section, we love hearing from the community.

Looking for a great knife to round out your 3?


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