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There’s a chef’s knife in most kitchens around the world. If you spend much time in the culinary world you’ve likely held a Wusthof, a Shun, or a Zwilling workhorse chef’s knife. However, there’s one brand that you might not have heard of, but could quickly earn a place in your knife roll.

Lamson knives have a claim of being in the knife-making craft for nearly 200 years, starting in 1837, and have been going strong in Massachusetts ever since. They have an even larger claim to fame though, they delivered a 62-piece dining set to the US White House under President Ulysses S. Grant.

While that set sits in a museum, we ordered one of their chef’s knives and boy were we surprised…

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Meet Lamson’s 8″ Chef’s Knife

This Lamson truly is built to be the workhorse you expect from your chef’s knife, all while looking fantastic all along the way. Even the names of the handle names evoke some emotional responses like Fire, Ice, Midnight, and Sierra to name a few.

Our Lamson 8" Premier Forged Chef's Knife

Here’s the key stat breakdown directly from Lamson which you can find HERE

Overall Length13 Inches
Blade Length8 Inches
Blade Material4116 Hi-Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness58 HRC
Handle MaterialVaries
Claims from Lamson Knives 8″ Chefs Knife July 2023

What I will say Is that after being a long-time user of Shun Knives and being trained culinarily on Wusthof knives, this Lamson had a lot to prove. Right out of the box, it proved what nearly 200 years of practice can really do.

What we liked.

It was immediately clear that this knife was a byproduct of serious planning and thought. While I expected it to be full tang, I was not expecting how solid it felt.

The weight was much heavier in my hand however Lamson seems to have taken some extra care to make sure it’s well balanced and rocks almost effortlessly on a cutting board.

More than that it has required incredibly little sharpening and upkeep even considering its stainless steel construction. Even after taking apart several chickens, ribs, and butternut squash.

What we didn’t.

Frankly, there wasn’t much we didn’t love about this knife. After multiple tests, the only consideration is the weight. If you’re not used to keeping the tip on the cutting board and having good technique your wrist will tire after a while.

Overall Assessment.

If you’re looking for a knife that needs little sharpening, looks beautiful all while being your go to kitchen work horse, Lamson might just be for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I read the Hardness Ratings? What does HRC mean? The standard is known as the Rockwell Hardness Score. You can read more about that HERE.

Do I need a full tang knife? We recommend full tang for chef’s knives. We explain more about that HERE

How Do I Sharpen or Hone My Kitchen Knives? Sharpening and honing your knives is incredibly important for continued use. We show you all about how in our article Sharpening VS Honing.

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