How Do I Sharpen My Multi-tools?

Your guide to getting even those little edges to a razors edge.

We love multitools. I distinctly remember my grandfather always carrying one in his pocket, how distinctive the red handle was and how often it came in handy for him. While I was growing up I spent a lot of time trying to be just like him and eventually I was gifted with one just like his. These days I’ve got several of them, all still with the red handles but I make sure that the smallest one first given to me is still there. Well, mostly. For whatever reason I can’t manage to keep track of the little tweezers. How Do I Sharpen My Multi-tools? Let us show you!

The biggest problem most people face when it comes to their multi-tools is figuring out how to keep them sharp!

The knives are small and a little flexible so traditional whetstones really don’t work well, and a sharpening steel will turn the edge into a serrated edge with almost no effort. Even the little scissors are a pain to get sharpened.

The team here at Its Just Sharp couldn’t stand for it anymore, so we created a guide on how we get our favorite multi-tools in top shape!

How do I Sharpen The Knife On My Multitool?

We’re going to start here as this is the easiest part of the process, and we’re going to demonstrate with both of our systems to give you the best perspective.

The absolute best way is to use an adjustable angle system that will allow you to clamp the knife in place to allow you to set the angle. These knives are slim and fold which can cause problems quickly. We recommend using clamp to hold the body of the knife in place and then setting the arm of your sharpener. This should help prevent the knife from closing or folding on you while you sharpen as well as hold the knife steady from bending.

The Ruixin Pro Caring for a Multi tool.

Our Ruixin Pro, You can get one here!

Live on February 12!

The best part of using these systems is that once you’ve set the angle of the sharpening arm, you can easily flip the knife clamp over without having to remove the knife.

How Do I Sharpen The Little Scissors On My Multi-tools?

Now for a real challenge. These little scissors are fantastic for a lot of jobs but keeping them in top shape can seem impossible. However not anymore.

We’re going to begin by inserting the scissors into the vice like before. The difference is that we’re only going to sharpen ONE of the scissors at a time as only one has an edge. If you look closely you’ll be able to see what I mean. Set your sharpening arm angle for the edge available. You should then be able to work the process as above for the single edge. This time when you flip the vice over you’ll be sharpening the other scissor arm! When performed together you’ll get freshly sharpened tiny scissors!

Ruixin Pro handling multi tool scissors.

The Ruixin Pro Back In Action!

Vipersharp handling the multi tool scissors.

Viper Sharp Getting It Done!

Live February 13!

We Hope This Helps You Get Your Favorite Multi Tools Back In Action!

The Swiss Army knife in the pictures above is really that first tool I was given. I keep it sitting on the table right next to my grandfathers, but I always know that at any time either one can get the job done. I hope yours is too!

P.S. If you’re looking to sharpen the serrated edge of your multi-tool you can read here:

 “Wow I’m in love. I have been getting WAY better results than I thought, these are RAZOR SHARP. It’s almost scary. The sharpening process is fun and satisfying as well! Just order a new pair of better stones and I’m very excited.”

Ernst P.

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