Forge Ambassador: Bobby Nast!

It’s Just Sharp is proud to showcase our newest Ambassador, Bobby Nast of BB Forge!

Theres something to be said about making functional tools from steel by hand.

“Whether it’s a spear a knife or a handle for a door, having the ability to mold steel into something of value is greatly satisfying.”

Meet Bobby: ” As a full time Law Enforcement Officer,  Instructor and Daddy, I understand the value of reliable equipment. I value hard work, time , money, safety and security. When I make a knife , all the things I value go into my work. Whether its a knife for hunting, cooking, camping or self defense , its important to me that my blade exceeds your expectations! 

I look forward to tomorrow as I learn something new everyday

I look forward to the lessons that blade smithing allows me to pass along to my 5 year old son,  like the value of hard work and quality.  Knife making affords me the ability to disconnect from the noise and re connect  with whats important to me. “

Someone once asked me , “Whats the best thing that could ever happen to you as a knife maker?”

Having my son see a complete stranger  carrying a knife baring our mark

You only get one body, take care of it!

The Chefs Helping Chefs Program:

When disaster strikes, one of the most primal things people fear is lack of food. It’s Just Sharp is on a mission to change that. We’re donating 10% of our profits to World Central Kitchen to help end hunger in disaster area’s all over the world.

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