Culinary Ambassador: Nick Meadows!

Its Just Sharp is proud to showcase our Culinary Ambassador trained chef Nick Meadows!

” Food is the great connector. Its what we use to gather around that can start and grow families or bring together opposing forces. The kitchen HAS to be the most powerful room in the home! “

Chef’s Free gift to everyone!

” I want everyone to have access to cook amazing food and bring their family together. Here’s a free course to help get you started with the most dangerous part of any kitchen “

The home cook fundamentals course available on Youtube! This course is not intended to be all encompassing and its just sharp as well as Nick Meadows carry no liability for any information therein. Always treat knives as dangerous tools and we recommend using proper safety equipment at all times under proper supervision as appropriate.

Chef Meadows is our Culinary Ambassador. A retired United States Air Force loadmaster and trained chef at the Park City Culinary Institute, chef believes in the power of food. ” I’ve used food over and over in my life to create moments of connection. Its what fuels the body which in turn creates the magnificence of the world around us, but its also what has created the greatest moments in my life. ”

Its Just Sharp is excited to bring on chef and will be featuring articles, recipes, and more from him.

So what’s chef using?

” In my kitchen I need the best equipment to help me focus on the food that creates moments. I carry and use all sorts of knives from all steps of my life. From the pocket knife that took me around the world several times when I was flying for the military to my favorite chefs knives, having a great sharp knife is the ultimate key to being ready to cook when the iron’s hot!”

The Chefs Helping Chefs Program:

When disaster strikes, one of the most primal things people fear is lack of food. It’s Just Sharp is on a mission to change that. We’re donating 10% of our profits to World Central Kitchen to help end hunger in disaster area’s all over the world.

Chef insists on a Fixed angle Knife Sharpener for his knives. ” I need speed and accuracy to keep all my favorite tools in top shape !”

Please expect some delays in shipping and arrival due to customs requirements

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