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Are you looking to get your products in front of a bigger audience? We know that when it comes to advertising that you HAVE to maximize your budget. With the rising cost of Pay Per Click, Banner ads, and Display ads, we know that you have to act strategically.

Our answer is readership, and branding. Why is that? Having a readership base is much more easily measured at scale and much less likely to be effected by bad actors. We closely monitor our readership base through our email list. Our current active customer list is over 6400!

What does active mean? In order for us to count a reader as active, they must have opened or interacted with an email within the last 60 days.

How was our list curated? We do not ever “purchase” or “borrow” emails, and we will NEVER sell our list. All emails were added to our list through double verified methodology. This means that every email has chosen of their own will to be on our list.

What are your options for advertising with us?

  1. Sponsoring an Email. We email our list weekly with new content. You can sponsor an email with a “sponsored by” section in the opening area of the email with a follow on advertisement later in the body as well as a closing ad. ($200.00 USD)
  2. Advertising in the Upcoming magazine. We will be producing a quarterly digital magazine that will be sent to our entire list. ($500.00 USD)
  3. Featured advertisement on website. Have your business featured on our homepage, and inside the featured weekly blog article for one week. ($500.00 USD)
  4. Featured magazine article. Want to have your businesses writing showcased? Have an exciting event upcoming for the entire worldwide knife lover base? You can purchase one of our two featured article slots in a quarterly magazine. ($1000.00 USD)

Note: Any advertisement, article, or otherwise is subject to review and approval by our staff. All advertisements and articles should be relevant to knives, knife care, culinary, survival, or bushcraft.

Note: Pricing subject to change and are provided for reference as of the time this page is published, and not a guarantee of availability or to be considered an offer to advertise. If you wish to advertise with us, then please contact us via email: Support@itsjustsharp.com

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